About StockPhotoStock

Welcome to stockphotostock.com!

Stockphotostock is meant to be a platform, on which individul independent stock photographers (editorial and commercial) can present themselves, present their portfolios, present their work to to a broader audience.

While some stock photo agencies seem to grow bigger and bigger, royalties for most stock photographers seem to drop to a level, where professional photographers find it hard to actually make a living. The sheer amount of stock photo agencies and the millions of penny stock photos leave almost no other option, than to either mass produce stock photos, or quit.

At the same time more and more photographers seem to feel the urge to sell their photos on their own account. But these ‘fair trade’ photo directories are hard to find. Stockphotostock strives to make the process of finding ‘fair trade’ stock photos easier by building a directory of ‘fair trade’ stock photographers.

Please feel free to participate either by submitting a stock photo website or…

…to be continued…