New: Symbiostock Maps and Symzio Link Exchange Widget

Symbiostock is basically a WordPress plugin (or I would actually rather call it suite) for photographers that is already packed with a number of useful and very useful feature. The plugin is free – but to use it ‘out of the box’ I would recommend to purchase the theme Symbiostock Express.

In the latest Symbiostock newsletter a few new features were announced – and they look quite promising:

Symbiostock Maps

For those using already Symbiostock Pro theres is now an optional addon available: Symbiostock Maps will read the GPS information from your product pages / photo pages and display them on a handy map:

Symbiostock Maps is an optional, powerful plugin for Symbiostock Pro. It uses the Google Maps API to display your media in a clickable, interactive Google map. Symbiostock Maps is perfect for artists who capture travel locations, architectural marvels and natural wonders, whether it be via photography, video or illustrations.

The demos for this plugin are quite intriguing. I recommend you check out demo1 and demo3. This is probably not something for everybody, but in case you always wanted to showcase your photos, e.g travel photos on a map without much stress and coding, this plugin might be for you.

Find out more about the maps plugin on the product page over at

Symzio Link Exchange Widget

The other news is the release of a new widget for those who are already participating in Symzio – “the first completely contributor controlled
stock photo, vector and video licensing agency“. The Symzio Link Exchange Widget will come handy for those photographers that want to connect to others – and be connected to others. Check out the details over here.

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