Diversity In Stock Media

In yesterday’s blog post on Pexels.com, Monica talks about The Quest For Diversity In Stock Media. We all know: seeing is believing. And that applies of course also for stock images. In 2017 alone, Pexels saw over 4 Million searches for “love” and “business” and “girl”. What an opportunity to define, what these terms stand … Continue reading Diversity In Stock Media

123RF’s Bestselling Stock Content for February 2018

Already last week the people at stock photo site 123RF have gathered and crunched the data for last month’s top purchased royalty-free stock content. On their blog you will find the top content in these four sections: Subscriptions, Credits Photos & Vectors, Footage and Audio: February 2018’s Bestselling Stock Content

Stockphotostock finally online!

Welcome to stockphotostock.com! This is the first post. But most certainly it won’t be the last. In the upcoming months stockphotostock will transform into a platform, where independend stock photographers (editorial and commercial) can present their stock photos, their portfolios – their work to potential clients. Read more about what is stockphotostock.com…